Explore the stars

Research in Schools – At Home

Investigate the Electromagnetic Spectrum, explore the Life Cycle of a Star and delve into the world of Astronomy

This Research in Schools – At Home project, based on the James Webb Space Telescope, allows students to explore key Physics themes such as the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Life Cycle of a Star. It introduces students to the advance skills of Photometry and Spectroscopy, expanding learning outside the curriculum and developing their science capital.

Brought to you by IRIS and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), this project supports teachers and parents with home schooling during this difficult time. Students will be exploring techniques used in professional astronomical research to examine data from the Spitzer Space Telescope and gain an understanding of how sources will be selected for further study with the James Webb Space Telescope. The project is aimed at 14 to 17-year-old students and is designed to complement the curriculum of all countries of the United Kingdom.

The project is designed to take around 10 hours’ work for a student carrying it out at home and can be completed by students not registered with IRIS. When they have finished the project students who submit their answers to IRIS will receive a certificate recognising their achievement along with feedback.

A Year 13 Student from David’s Catholic College in Wales, was the first student to complete the Research in Schools – At Home project. He said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed [the] IRIS Home Research Project as it provided the opportunity to use real-world data from the Spitzer telescope and let me experience the style of work that astronomers may do. As with much of physics, I found the content to be enjoyable and the application to be more challenging. It was an exciting opportunity to attempt to classify each object correctly.”

“It provided the perfect opportunity to recap some physics topics that I had done in the past as well as discover new and exciting aspects of them. It has greatly improved my graph analysis abilities.”

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