Bringing CERN
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Educational Resources

On this page you can access educational resources linked to the CERN@school project:

With thanks to those who contributed to the development of these resources: Elizabeth Cunningham (STFC), Chris Shepherd (IOP), Gregor Steele (SSERC), Tom Whyntie (QMUL) and Gary Williams (IOP).

Alpha absorption

This experiment explores what happens to the numbers of alpha particles detected from a source as the distance is varied and a barrier is introduced.

Beta absorption

The effect of placing different barriers between the detector and a source on the number of beta particles is investigated.

Capturing Muons

This experiment aims to capture a Muon produced as a result of a cosmic ray interacting with our atmosphere.

Measuring Background Radiation

There are many different sources of background radiation. This investigation gathers data from different locations in order to make comparisons.

Measuring Radon

Radon is produced in different quantities depending on the local area and environment. This experiment allows the study of the decay products of Radon.

Getting Started

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